This is the seventh video in TM's I Love Toy Trains series.


  • Dixieland Opening
  • I Love Toy Trains Opening Theme
  • Novelty Trotting Music
  • Counting Those Railroad Cars
  • Railroad Of America
  • Streamliners
  • Fidgety Feet
  • I Love Toy Trains Closing Theme

Trivia and GoofsEdit

  • This is the first time the series features a LEGO layout.
  • This is the only time of two things:
    • The only time they show Thomas the Tank Engine, although a Thomas the Tank Engine electric set is seen in I Love Toy Trains 8 in the Wrong Island Railroad's shop.
    • The only time Pokémon are shown in the show, athough they are mentioned in I Love Toy Trains 9.
  • In the song Streamliners, the lyrics go "Hudson, Daylight, And Burlington Zephyr," But the video shows a Commodore Vanderbuilt, an Empire State Express, and a Dreyfuss Hudson. Furthermore, The Burlington Zephyr was a Diesel loco, and the Hudson isn't a Streamliner at all.
  • Some of the scenes of Grand Canyon #18 were reused from the Shining Time Station Christmas special "Tis a Gift."
  • On the VHS Release of this video The I Love Toy Trains title is taken from a yellow I Love Toy Trains box car, & as a result the number #7 isn't shown on the heart in the same scene despite Jeff mentioning it by name in the opening. But on the DVD release with the new updated title in a silver background used, the number #7 as shown.
  • This is the last time a Marx train is shown.
  • When broadcast on RFD-TV, the ending clip is shown twice.
I love toy trains 7 ending credits with fraggle rock ending credits

I love toy trains 7 ending credits with fraggle rock ending credits

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